Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010!

We played our first show back last Wednesday at the Polish club, and it went great. Highlights included putting holes in dry wall before the show, stopping a prayer to allow the venue to dolly out the beer, Jason ruining his guitar bridge, a circle pit, and me busting up my mic and kicking over a PA speaker, which took out somebody's beer and Jason's footswitch, silencing him effectively. Definitely the most broken thing, however, was Satan's feelings.

here's a good bit:

We've got some more shows coming up: a church show in Alburtis this Friday, and a brand new venue in Reading on the 22nd. Pray for those, and future ones, and for how we're going to make the next record happen financially. We have hookups but it's not all confirmed yet. Thanks for your support!

- Alan

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