Friday, September 25, 2009


Hey party people

First of all, thank you all for your encouraging comments and messages. It’s awesome that so many people are still discovering us and hitting us up, even though we haven’t played a show in over a year. You rule.

Also, look: I made this blog. I’m hoping this can be a place where people can find out what’s happening with us, and where I can occasionally mix in thoughts on God/hardcore/etc. Not sure if it will work or not. We’ll see how it turns out.

If you haven’t heard, we are now signed to Blood & Ink Records!! It hasn’t been officially announced on their website yet, but I promise it’s true. They are really hooking us up by taking us on even though we are currently hobbling around with an incomplete line-up. We’re totally grateful. Through them, we will be doing an online-only re-release of Deliverance with expanded artwork. The idea is that more people will hear about it and get to jam out to it, plain and simple. It’s not the standard thing that bands usually do. But…who cares?

And just so you know, we aren’t doing it for the money. Because there is no money. Because nobody likes 30-second songs. And, that’s fine. All that matters is that Jesus gets glory and the Casbah gets rocked.

Thirdly, rest assured that we are not done. Full lineup or not, barring direct divine intervention or untimely death, we will record more material. Much new material is already written. The style has changed ever so slightly, but I think I like it even more. Even if we never get to play another live show, just having the recordings will be great, and when the kingdom comes we will get angels to fill in, and we’ll play a show, and everybody will stage dive off the 1,380-mile-tall walls of New Jerusalem. Be there.

Speaking of members, meet the two new dudes:

Josh - drums (happy guy with the gun)

and Marigold (a.k.a. J-core) – rhythm guitar. me and Marigold go way back. I offer proof of this in the form of an old embarrassing picture:

For months now it has just been me and these two guys at practice, eating almonds and putting holes in walls. We’ve had seriously like 8-10 people say they want to play and then back out, or really want to play but they are too busy, or they move away, or whatever. Even Jon, the only guy besides me who was in the original lineup, has been too busy to play with us. It’s been discouraging. On top of that, we’re all busy, and Marigold is 100% married.

The time has come try using the internet to find people. So step up!

We need a lead guitarist and a bassist. You must:

- be a Christian
- be in the greater philly area, or close enough that you’re willing to come here
- have your own gear
- be willing to put in significant time on your own learning and practicing

message us on myspace and we’ll see if we can’t work something out.

That’s all for now. I hope love and grace and peace are in and with you all. Later.